Marguerite Brown (b. 1990) is a composer and performer based in Seattle, WA. As a life-long learner, she is drawn to projects that allow her to explore new mediums, forms, and performance practices. As an avid collaborator, she seeks out composition and performance opportunities that foster connectivity and encourage a collective freedom of expression.

Marguerite’s compositions range from fully notated scores to ambiguous lists where musical parameters may be indeterminate or highly organized and time may be governed or lawless. Her compositions have been performed by the Del Sol String Quartet, Gamelan Pacifica, the Corigliano String Quartet, Ensemble Audax, James Moore and Andie Springer, andPlay, the Cornish College Guitar Quartet, the William Winant Percussion Ensemble, the UCSC Experimental Ensemble, among others.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Marguerite has performed at a variety of festivals and venues across the United States and Canada including the REDCAT in LA, Art Basel in Miami, the Fusebox Festival in Austin, and Club PuSh in Vancouver, B.C. Her recent performance projects have involved refretted guitars in just intonation tunings systems, including those in systems of her own devising.

Marguerite holds a BM in music composition from Cornish College of the Arts (2013) and a MA in music composition from the University of California Santa Cruz (2019). From 2013-2014 she was awarded a Darmasiswa Fellowship to study Central Javanese gamelan music in Surakarta, Indonesia. Marguerite currently plays in Gamelan Pacifica and continues to compose and perform in a variety of settings.