11/6/21 Del Sol performs chroai:tetrachords. Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA.

9/24/21 Ghost Ensemble releases Marguerite’s Nonet alongside works by Pauline Oliveros and Teodora Stepančić on Bandcamp: https://ghostensemble.bandcamp.com/album/mountain-air

9/4/21 Del Sol string quartet premieres Marguerite’s chroai:tetrachords for string quartet in 11-limit just intonation. Albany Bulb, Albany, CA

5/15/21 Roberto Granados performs Marguerite’s Three Loop Pedal Pieces for electric guitar, preparations, and loop pedal. Yale School of Music, New Haven, CT

5/7/21 3 Hockets released on Bandcamp: https://margueritebrown.bandcamp.com/album/3-hockets

4/11/21 Marguerite presents original compositions for refretted guitars with special guests Satchel Henneman and Paul Matthew Moore at the 2nd annual Pacific Pythagorean Music Festival (pre-recorded audio and video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUi-aub_BPY

3/23/21 The 2021 21st Century Guitar (virtual) Conference presents Marguerite’s Duet for two different guitars refretted in 11-limit just intonation (score video): http://www.21cguitar.com/livestream

11/6/20 Collage Pieces released on Bandcamp: https://margueritebrown.bandcamp.com/album/collage-pieces

7/31/20 The Wayward Music Series presents Marguerite’s Cycle Pieces for amplified mixed chamber ensemble (pre-recorded audio). Commissioned by Nonsequitur for the Wayward in Limbo online streaming audio sessions: https://www.waywardmusic.org/event/wayward-in-limbo-39-marguerite-brown/

3/7/20 Ghost Ensemble performs Nonet. Wind River, Santa Cruz, CA

3/6/20 Ghost Ensemble premieres Marguerite’s Nonet for mixed chamber ensemble. REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles, CA

3/1/20 Marguerite performs with Gamelan Pacifica, Jessika Kenney, and Warren Chang. Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA

2/25/20 Marguerite performs at the Spitehouse concert series with the Kaleidoføne Ensemble ( JI metallophone trio). Seattle, WA

11/3/19 Marguerite performs with Gamelan Pacifica, Ki Midiyanto, and Heni Savitri. Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA

9/28/19 Marguerite performs with Austin Larkin and friends at the Taoist Studies Institute, Seattle, WA

8/20/19 Marguerite performs at the Spitehouse concert series – solo set with refretted guitar, duo set with Paul Moore. Seattle, WA