Kebun Bunyi

Kebun Bunyi (2018)

Kebun Bunyi was comissioned by Indexical (Santa Cruz, CA) in partnership with Insitu Recordings (Bali/North America). The composition uses a set of three Central Javanese gendèr (keyed metallophones), a gong ageng (large gong), and two different sets of arbitrarily tuned suling (bamboo flutes) to achieve a variety of microtonal intervallic combinations. The Indonesian title translates to “garden of tones.” Inspired by this concept, I decided to compose a piece in which progressions of timbre, envelope, and density exist within a freely polymodal framework.   

Jay Arms: gong ageng, suling

Marguerite Brown: gendèr, suling

Zach Hejny: gendèr, suling

Jon Myers: gendèr, suling


Folding and Unfolding

Folding and Unfolding (2015)

Folding and Unfolding is a composition for gamelan and string quartet commissioned by Gamelan Pacifica for the Cornish Music Series 2015. The piece was conceived through improvisation which eventually became the foundation for an experiment in diminution/augmentation. A folding and unfolding commenced creating unusual rhythmic structures that encompasses the melody amid a concealed beat structure.

Performed by Gamelan Pacifica with the Corigliano String Quartet